Time for a change

I have decided that the time has come to remove my answerphone message.

It is a bit ridiculous, rather annoying, and completely unprofessional. It is also so long that most of my friends refuse to leave me messages. The time has come for a change. However, before it goes, I am going to tell you how it arrived.

New housemates

We have a new housemate. She is called Pudding. And she’s an 8 month old lab/collie cross. On the right is a picture of her with the chickens.

We are also (potentially) getting a new housemate. Not going to say what she is called, but she is moving in for a week as a trial run.

Day Thirty Four – Prayer and Inefficiency

As you are hearing, I had a bad week, this week. Today we had a meeting with a woman from the Health Department. We wanted to say to her; if you could have money in any area what would it be. This was so that we could prepare a proposal that addresses the areas that need work in our district.

We did ask her that question. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen. After 20 minutes of her telling us that the Health Department will never give us money to employ staff, despite the fact that we just had a briefing meeting with them, where they explained what they want to do is give us money to employ staff. And she just wouldn’t listen.