You Have No Authority Here! RPG

This is a role play game about Parish Council meetings. It’s for 3-10 people who pretend to respect one another.

Together, you are the members of Little Ranting Parish Council – a hotbed of passive aggressive argumentation, and petty discrimination. You will play round a table or via video chat. The meeting is about to start, but before it can, you need to decide who will Chair it! Who would be brave enough to try… and do they have enough AUTHORITY?!


This is a piece of microfiction from my upcoming project The Die Decideswhich is live on Kickstarter now! We rolled a ten sided dice and it gave me the directions of 500 words in the category of “On The Allotment”, with the theme of “Acceptance”… Comrades-in-arms

Snow melting on grass Snow

Excited squeals announce a changed world.

The door bursts open. There are visible footprints! Snowballs and smiles. It’s a new garden, a new playground.

A Crash Course in Homeschool

So, you’ve found yourself stuck at home with your kids. They can’t go to school, possibly for months(!), and suddenly there’s this big hole that needs to be filled. You are pretty sure you can’t just put them in front of CITV for the next 12 weeks, but you aren’t quite sure how to tackle things?

Help is at hand! My wife and I home school our kids one day a week – they go to school the other 4 days. This means whilst I still wish I could pack them off again, we aren’t completely lost about what to do.

Flame – Microfiction

A feeble spark as the head died. She grimaced and tried once more. It fizzled out.

The matches were damp, that was the problem. Starting to shiver now, she turned over the box and tapped it. Two fell out. Only two left? She took one and tried again.

Why aren't people taking Covid seriously? Taking Covid Seriously – As a GP? People just aren’t taking Covid seriously…

It’s December 29th today. I’ve spent the entire Christmas period working as a doctor. I was on call overnight every day as an Out Of Hours GP, I saw patients face-to-face in night time emergency appointments, and I worked as a normal GP either side of the weekend.

Unmistakeably, over the last week, I’ve seen that people are not taking Covid seriously.

Alpaca-based Microfiction

My friend Adam shared a weird alpaca tweet on facebook the other day.

“What a nice sheep,” I think as I gaze out at a field. The sheep, facing away, starts to raise its head. I stare in mounting horror as the head keeps rising, rising, neck elongating in some cursed spectacle that roots me to the spot in fear until I realise, oh, it’s an alpaca

Deadzone Scatter Battle Report

I’ve been doing a fair bit of model painting and scenery collecting during lockdown. One of our favourite games is the Mantic Games futuristic skirmish game Deadzone.

Adding to the fun, my son recently got a huge metal Enforcer Strider model that hasn’t been used in a battle yet. Joen and I decided to test this out with a short game…

Where I Write

Inspired by a post by author Gareth L. Powell, I thought I’d share a photo of my desk. Then, after I’d written most of this, I felt a sense of deja vu.

It turns out I wrote a similar article, over ten years ago – called My Office, appropriately enough. That makes me pretty old.

Beautiful Space Pirates

As you may know, I like to occasionally indulge in pen & paper role play games – see my previous, very silly write-up of All Outta Bubblegum or Chapter One of Prisoners of Corral.

Yesterday, me and some pals played an equally ridiculous game of “Beautiful Space Pirates“, a one shot RPG made by the incredibly talented Grant Howitt.