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Wordpress LogoThose of you in the world of bloggy geekdom will know that WordPress 4.0 “Smith” launched a while ago, at the time of writing hitting 30 million downloads.

Most new releases of WordPress are heralded with a haiku. Back in 2011, I thought it would be nice to start keeping a list of them all. There are now 38 of them!

I update it as time goes on, and I’ll try to get an interview with someone about haikus and WordPress at some point…

4.3 RC

Drei Monate Arbeit
Endlich das Ziel vor Augen
Bald hab ich Urlaub!

Three months of work
Finally, the goal in mind
Soon I leave!

4.3 Beta 4

Few Tickets Remain
Edge Cases Disappearing
You Must Test Today

4.3 Beta 3

Want to test new things?
Wonder how four three shapes up?
Answer: beta three

4.3 Beta 2

Edges polished up
Features meliorated
Beta Two: go test!

4.3 Beta 1

Site icons for all
Live preview menu changes
Four three beta now

4.2 RC

Im-Press-ive saving
Achievement unlocked: RC
Release here we come

4.2 Beta 4

Dismiss notices
Customizer on mobile
RC nearly here

4.2 Beta 3

Emoji loader
“Shiny Updates” still stand firm
Beta 3, please test!

4.2 Beta 2

Test some emoji
Let’s “Press” some embeds!

4.2 Beta 1

Press This: switch a theme
Save time installing plugins
Testing makes us ????

4.1 RC 1

Testing four point one
Why are we up at this hour?
Code is poetry

4.1 Beta 1

Twenty Fifteen theme
The beautiful face which hides
Many improvements

4.0 RC

It is almost time
For the 4.0 release
And its awesomeness

4.0 Beta 4

We are working hard
To finish up 4.0
Will you help us too?

4.0 Beta 1

Plugins, editor
Media, things in between
Please help look for bugs

3.9 RC 2

This is for testing,
so not recommended for
production sites—yet.


Now for some good news:
WordPress 3.9 is near.
Expect it this week

3.9 RC 1

Release candidate
This haiku’s the easy one
3.9 is near

3.9 Beta 3

WordPress 3.9
Let’s make the date official
It’s April 16

3.9 Beta 1

Lots of improvements
Little things go a long way
Please test beta one


WordPress three eight one
We heard you didn’t like bugs
So we took them out

3.8 RC 1

We’re so close to the
finish line, jump in and help
good karma is yours.

3.8 Beta 1

Alphabet soup of
Plugins as features galore
The future is here


Just a few fixes
Your new update attitude:
Zero clicks given

3.7 RC 1

WordPress three seven
A self-updating engine
Lies beneath the hood

3.7 Beta 2

Beta 2 released
Dotting i’s and crossing t’s
Expect RC next

3.7 Beta 1

WordPress three seven
Saves your weary hand a click
Updates while you sleep

3.6 RC 2

Revisions so smooth
We autosave your changes
Data loss begone!

3.6 RC 1

Delayed, but still loved
The release will be out soon
Test it, por favor

3.5 RC 2

We are getting close
Should have asked for haiku help
Please test RC2

3.5 RC 1

Release candidate
Three point five in two weeks time
Please test all the things

3.5 Beta 4

Beta three is out
Soon, a release candidate
Three point five is near


Fixes for some bugs
Back to work on 3.5
It’s time to update


Green was a bit green
We have hardened it up some
Update WordPress now

3.4 RC3

The new live preview
Nearing perfection, and yet?
Not yet. RC3

3.3 RC 2

Sometimes time slows down
between releases – like now
This is RC2

3.3 RC 1

Stayed up late tonight,
Hammering toward RC1.
Now with more icons!

3.3 Beta 4

Thought 3 was the last?
Ha ha! Beta 4 is here –
Better get testing!

3.3 Beta 3

These silly haikus –
With so many releases,
I run out of words.

3.3 Beta 2

Welcome for the new –
3.3 at beta 2.
(IE7, woo!)

3.3 Beta 1

Features almost done…
3.3 at Beta 1.
Test it now — have fun!


JSON, the admin
A little bit tidier
Edge cases covered


Only the geeks know
What half this stuff even means
Don’t worry — update


There wasn’t a hiaku for this release, so I asked @nacin, and he wrote one for me

Three dot oh dot one
Linking, admin bar, and more
One haiku for you.

3.1 RC3

Pulling the AJAX –
sometimes you need to step back
and show some restraint.

3.1 RC2

Rounding up stragglers
Last few bugs for 3.1
Go test RC2

3.1 Beta 2

Practice makes perfect
is what they say about things,
but sometimes it’s not.

In this case it is
not practice but refinement,
and then more testing.

You can help WordPress!
Now: 3.1, beta 2
is here; needs testing.

But! Remember this:
Only install on test sites,
as YMMV.


Three point oh point five
Enhances security
Three point one comes soon


Fixed on day zero
One-click update makes you safe
This used to be hard


Three dot oh dot one
Bug fixes to make you smile
Update your WordPress


Having been through the entire release archive on the blog, I think these are all the official haikus. Chuck me a comment for your favourites on other releases, and I’ll consider putting them in!

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