Blitz Bowl Board

I’m an avid player of the small-team Blood Bowl variant Blitz Bowl – but its (still) not available for sale in the UK.

Which means… designing my own board!

Print your own board!

The image below has been compressed by my website
download the printable version HERE…

Feel free to download and print yourself. At some point I’ll add a print ready PDF and layered PNG, if that would be useful…

It’s designed to print on 6 A4 sheets with a little overlap and be the right size for models.

In real life

Updated this post in 2023 with some extras. Here’s a photo of it in the flesh, printed out and varnished!

And here it is with some ancient Treemen models for size. Both have huge bases, but with 32mm it all fits a dream and even with these it’s perfectly playable.

Let me know how you get on, this post has had a fair amount of interest over the last 3 years, so I’m intrigued to know if anyone made their own…

5 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl Board

  1. Do you have a PDF version with the right scale to print it in A4s? Great work anyway, thanks for sharing

  2. Hallo,

    tolle Arbeit! Gibt es von dem Bild eine hochauflösende Datei? Das Bild hat ja nichtmal 200kb!

    good work! Is there a high resolution file of the image? The picture isn’t even 200kb!

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