FREE BEER!All About Chris currently gets around 11,000 visitors a month, with around 40,000 page views. That’s a fair amount of people ready to buy your products.

I am very open to engaging with solid companies offering good, honest products; telling my readers through traditional adverts or promoted product reviews. In the same vein, I accept advertising through payment-in-kind as well as financial.

Let me give you an example: I reviewed the excellent Display Fusion Pro from Binary Fortress Software, and they gave me a free license key for the Personal Pro version. My ideal would be for exactly the same thing to happen with a beer company. Or with Ferrari.

Also, whilst I have empty space, I am happy to give it up for a good cause. So all in all, if you wish to have your company, site or charity featured on All About Chris, or on my other site, MedRevise.co.uk, why not click that “CONTACT” link up at the top!