Chris is running the London Marathon

Sponsor me below (please)!

Its been a rough 3 years…

I started training for this marathon in January 2020. I’m FINALLY running it in October 2022.

I’ve done 429 hours (18 days!!) of practice runs, covering 4,363km during that time. (About the same distance as running to Nigeria).
On our recent family holiday to Disneyland, I ran every day, for around an hour, on the boring ring-road around the resort. (This was still better than actual Disneyland).
There have been bleeding nipples, chafed thighs and utter physical exhaustion. On some of the 3 and 4 hour training runs I had to be alone, with no one to talk to, for 4 hours. Can you imagine the pain this causes an extrovert?

Help out a bit

All money donated helps children in the developing world through a charity Chris and Katherine helped set up many years ago: Names Not Numbers Charity.
They provide orphans and vulnerable children with food, shelter, medication and love. Its worth it.
Did you get me a birthday present this year? Thought not. Now’s your chance.

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