The Journey to Neriah

On Sunday, our little family got a little bigger. The beautiful Neriah Grace Lowry came into the world at 7:30pm. Just like Joen, the journey to Neriah was hard work.

Once again, thanks to everyone who followed the blow-by-blow account on twitter – read it here – including at least two people over the age of 80. Who says social media is just for young people? Anyway, enough of that, on with the story…

My Punk Baby

I feel that Joen is doing pretty well now. In that he is becoming a man. A real man.

As an illustration, he watched Die Hard for the first time at the age of 2 days, and The Matrix before he was 72 hours old. I even saw him hammering up some plasterboard earlier – he was actually just laying there, chewing his hand, but I could tell that it was just a pause before he went hunting for some nails.

The waiting game

Kat was due to have our baby on Monday. Two days later, she still looks pretty fat, and I can’t see any soiled nappies anywhere, so I guess that hasn’t happened. This isn’t a new, or shocking phenomenon; first babies are often a week late – in some countries your due date for the first is 41 weeks rather than 40.

However, what’s weird for me is that the reality of the situation seems to be decreasing. For three weeks now, I’ve been going to work, expecting a call at any moment, “IT’S COMING!”, followed by a frantic dash back home, en route to the hospital.