My Punk Baby

I feel that Joen is doing pretty well now. In that he is becoming a man. A real man.

As an illustration, he watched Die Hard for the first time at the age of 2 days, and The Matrix before he was 72 hours old. I even saw him hammering up some plasterboard earlier – he was actually just laying there, chewing his hand, but I could tell that it was just a pause before he went hunting for some nails.

As a long standing punk rocker, with many friends of the same ilk, it was unsurprising that they would send me baby clothes that fit him, and as promised, here is a picture of him wearing them – I love the Irony of the Youth of Today onesie especially.

My Punk Baby

In other good news, he wouldn’t settle a month or two back, but listening to Rancid calmed him. OY!

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