My Punk Baby

I feel that Joen is doing pretty well now. In that he is becoming a man. A real man.

As an illustration, he watched Die Hard for the first time at the age of 2 days, and The Matrix before he was 72 hours old. I even saw him hammering up some plasterboard earlier – he was actually just laying there, chewing his hand, but I could tell that it was just a pause before he went hunting for some nails.

Day Sixteen – Too much meat

Hey there lovelyface.

Today was kicked off with a lie in until 8, then work at 9 until 1. Never a fun thing to do on a Saturday, but at least it meant there is less to do on Monday. We spoke on the phone for a bit, which was nice, and I read you some of my proposal. Your talk sounds good too. Interesting how a talk on being veggie linked into my day… Anyway.

Day Thirteen – Unlucky For Some Teeth

Had a dream where all my teeth fell out! I was talking to you, and about 10 fell out. You were talking to me, and one of yours fell out too. I woke up with such a start, and felt my teeth, such a relief when they were really solid, and stuck in my gums lol.

Today was mostly spent doing the website – you can check current progress at I also finished off DIY, leaving just one song to do.