Day Sixteen – Too much meat

Hey there lovelyface.

Today was kicked off with a lie in until 8, then work at 9 until 1. Never a fun thing to do on a Saturday, but at least it meant there is less to do on Monday. We spoke on the phone for a bit, which was nice, and I read you some of my proposal. Your talk sounds good too. Interesting how a talk on being veggie linked into my day… Anyway.

On the way back from the office, I popped to Franna’s house – you remember him, he’s the guy with the Afrikaans worship cd I like, the one who has always very supportive of my Christian punkness. Well, sadly, he was out. In fact, they are moving 400km on Monday, so I’m going to pop in then. I left his wife a copy of our new EP. What do you think of the name “End This World EP”.

Anyway, it was back to mine and preparing for the Braai! Celebrating my birthday in a true South African way, was nice, and it was great to see so many people turn up. I have some real friends here, and its nice to be with them.

It started at 2, and my main job was to cook a huge vat of maize meal to go with the meat. I also played some cricket (badly), and supervised swimming in the pool. This was fine until I ripped my swimming shorts (I don’t know how) and had to leave for the sake of a) my modest, and b) the innocence of the 5 year old girls in the pool.

I also cooked my meat, and ate it. By the end I was sick of it, and didn’t want any ever again; hence this linking in the talk earlier. Mohau eventually arrived 6 and a half hours late, just before the fire had completely gone out.

I ended the evening chatting with Hloni about the Anglican church until past midnight, sitting on a chair in the dark, after everyone had gone home. I think, all in all, the Church of England does more damage than it does good. There is no solution, aside from disbanding the church entirely, and that’s not feasible. However it was a good chat, and you know how I like to argue stuff objectively for hours.

Can a man be profitable to God?
Job 22:2

Short but sweet. And deep.

I love you,

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