Photo Sixteen – The start of my career as sports photographer

The following post is from a series of emails I wrote to my girlfriend at the time, whilst on a trip to Africa. She is now my wife, so I did something right.

Look at that ball, in mid air. Very proud of myself!

One thought on “Photo Sixteen – The start of my career as sports photographer

  1. yes its up with the best! hehe

    umm adopting kids. yes i can see us doing that but dont get carried away. like you said earlier – dont plan what u think God wants just be led.

    i think your dreams are important so try and write then down as soon as you get up. there is something about losing teeth and what it means.

    check it out –

    i think the whole not being an adult anymore rings true with me.

    wish i was with you too but its weird how ive been more of a blessing to people cos ive been more available. Harriet came to church last night and really likes it so will come again. i really feel like something is about to happen like we’re on the edge of something new which is about to tip over and really change crookes and sheffield! so im excited. fri nite was amazing cos churches came together which is what God wants. Mick spoke yesterday on trying not to offend people in christianity which causes it to become wishy washy and he was having a go at catholicism and anglicanism (indirectly) – it was good! thats why he doesnt get asked to speak at joint church events lol. u should download it. last nights talk ws good too – he spoke on how basically we need jESUS to get into the boat with us in life and not to be scared because he might perform some miracles lol.

    hanging out with form people hasbeen great – just really enjoying it all atm. i just hope that when u get back more of a balance will be struck so that i get to hang out with people with you. im enjoying being my own person again, having passions and being really close to God. i want that to stay the same when with you.

    hope that hasnt come across as well i think we should break it off because we’re clearly not good for each other cos its not how it was meant. i just think we need to look at our triangle! hehe

    love you lots


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