Day Thirty – And up we go…

And then came my Sabbath again. Many hours of the morning were spent lazing around, and around midday I decided I had earnt a bath.

I was laying there, the water welling up around my tired, aching body (going for a run and playing football yesterday was a bad idea), I hear the doorbell ring. Somewhere, at the front of the house, someone has arrived.

Day Twenty Three – A well earned day off

Today was Saturday, my day of Sabbath. I started off with a nice lie in, right up until 8:10! Reckless, eh? Then I read my book a bit, and lazed around the house.

About 10, Ian’s parents popped by, on their way somewhere else, and it was interesting talking to someone with a West Country accent out here. After that we took a ride to the rubbish dump, to unload an entire trailer full of waste. They don’t have binmen in this town! There were people living at the dump, sorting through rubbish, hoping to find things of use. I’ve seen worse in Mozambique, but it was still sad.

Day Sixteen – Too much meat

Hey there lovelyface.

Today was kicked off with a lie in until 8, then work at 9 until 1. Never a fun thing to do on a Saturday, but at least it meant there is less to do on Monday. We spoke on the phone for a bit, which was nice, and I read you some of my proposal. Your talk sounds good too. Interesting how a talk on being veggie linked into my day… Anyway.