Photo Thirty – Quadruple your money’s worth

All these pictures are pretty hi res, so click on them to see a bigger one Can you see the baboons on the rocks in this one. They look far away, but at points they were only about 50 metres away. Pretty scary, but luckily I had a stick!

If I’m honest, I was pretty happy to be taking this photo, and not standing on a 20 foot rock on the edge of a cliff in a strong wind.

Day Thirty – And up we go…

And then came my Sabbath again. Many hours of the morning were spent lazing around, and around midday I decided I had earnt a bath.

I was laying there, the water welling up around my tired, aching body (going for a run and playing football yesterday was a bad idea), I hear the doorbell ring. Somewhere, at the front of the house, someone has arrived.

Day Twenty Two – Feel Sad, Get Fat

Today was a massive rush. I was meant to be leaving tomorrow, so I had to get the video finished. We started off, going to Makgolokoeng, moving a caravan out there for Danell to live it. I’m ridiculously jealous, you might be able to tell.

Not only does he have a caravan, but he is getting to live in the township. And get this – someone has given him a horse for transport. Very, very jealous!