Photo Thirty – Quadruple your money’s worth

The following post is from a series of emails I wrote to my girlfriend at the time, whilst on a trip to Africa. She is now my wife, so I did something right.

All these pictures are pretty hi res, so click on them to see a bigger one
Can you see the baboons on the rocks in this one. They look far away, but at points they were only about 50 metres away. Pretty scary, but luckily I had a stick!

If I’m honest, I was pretty happy to be taking this photo, and not standing on a 20 foot rock on the edge of a cliff in a strong wind.

Look at the treeseys!

This is where the cross used to be, but some vandals destroyed it it blew over in a storm. Sad eh? Used to look over the whole town. Was beautiful, and lit up at night.

2 thoughts on “Photo Thirty – Quadruple your money’s worth

  1. Dear Chris
    Wonderful to read about your trip through our part of the country.
    Just a little information regarding the cross on Platberg. It was not destroyed by vandals but was blown over during a severe storm. It has been re-erected and was then again pushed over by a servere snow storm. It was then re-erected for the third time and it is still standing proudly on the corner of Platberg and showing the light of the Cross.
    Thanks once again.

  2. Hey Sandra,

    Thanks for that! I think I did actually find out at a later date that this was the case. I’ve also taken many walks up to the cross over the last few years, so I’ve seen the new one – I believe its bigger than the previous one, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the comment.

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