Day Twenty Two – Feel Sad, Get Fat

Today was a massive rush. I was meant to be leaving tomorrow, so I had to get the video finished. We started off, going to Makgolokoeng, moving a caravan out there for Danell to live it. I’m ridiculously jealous, you might be able to tell.

Not only does he have a caravan, but he is getting to live in the township. And get this – someone has given him a horse for transport. Very, very jealous!

Day Nine – Too lazy to be a slob

Last night was a tiring, long, unsatisfying night, after we got halfway up the mountain, carrying tents, blankets, food, saucepans, etc, etc; when Mohau got called by his angry girlfriend, and we came back down. On the long walk home, I was feeling a bit depressed, as you might understand.

So this morning, I decided to have a massive lie-in. Sleep as long as I want, write off the whole day if necessary. 8:30. That was it. The latest my body could stay asleep for. To my internal clock, still adjusting from the 2 hour difference, I would still say that is around 7:30 in equivalence. Rubbish – I’m clearly getting far too mature for all this lazing around and doing nothing. I blame all the cups of tea I’m drinking out here.