Day Ten – 3am is good at damping enthusiasm

Well, we woke up at 3am, in time to walk up the last 45 minutes of mountain and watch dawn. We looked at each other, gauged our tiredness, and, who would have guessed it, decided to go another time, and went back to sleep.

I had a really disturbing dream. I dreamt you appeared here in Africa, and told me that I had to come home for, I think, Mark’s birthday. For some reason I came, only to discover it wasn’t for another 10 days, and I’d cut my trip short for no reason. I then found out I didn’t have enough money to fly back, and stormed round the house, crying and shouting at you, because I was so angry.

Day Four – Hurried Preparations

I think I have everything. My bag weighs 15 kilos, well under the limit. I have my passport, checked that 19 times. And my tickets, I’ve checked that 18 times.

I have pants, socks, shorts, trousers, long johns, swimming costume, several entire kitchen suites, a horse shoe, fifteen litres of elephant faeces, a spoon, a snorkel, suntan lotion, after sun, sun conditioner, sun moisturiser, sun shampoo, sun glasses, a sun bed, my friend’s son, and a sombrero.

Day Three – The Last Night in England

I went to the Black Lion tonight. There were many hours of reminiscing, and me and Olivier didn’t leave until after midnight. My last ever evening with the spiritual landlord of the Black Lion – Richard. I’m sad about the loss of another stalwart of my late teens, but what can one do?

Packing is now the order of the day. Please text me anything I might have forgotten.