Day Ten – 3am is good at damping enthusiasm

Well, we woke up at 3am, in time to walk up the last 45 minutes of mountain and watch dawn. We looked at each other, gauged our tiredness, and, who would have guessed it, decided to go another time, and went back to sleep.

I had a really disturbing dream. I dreamt you appeared here in Africa, and told me that I had to come home for, I think, Mark’s birthday. For some reason I came, only to discover it wasn’t for another 10 days, and I’d cut my trip short for no reason. I then found out I didn’t have enough money to fly back, and stormed round the house, crying and shouting at you, because I was so angry.

The worst bit though, was when I woke up, and my thought process went like this:
1. Woah?! What?
2. Oh, right, it was only a dream!
3. What a relief! I’m still in Africa, I’m not in England!
4. Oh. I’m not in England. Kind of wish I was.
It was strange being suddenly really relieved, and then in an instant, slightly disappointed.

Church today was good, though the guy who leads worship is too rigid for me; loads of odd pauses that ruin the flow.

Beautiful One I love
Beautiful One, I adore
Beautiful One – – -, my soul must sing.


I’ll stand, with arms high
And heart abandoned
In awe, of the one who gave it all

I’ll stand,
My soul Lord
To you surrendered
– – -All I am is yours

Oh well, that aside, it was a friendly gathering, with the main message being that with revelation comes responsibility. One of the things it talked about was how one treats one’s wife/girlfriend. It didn’t mention abandoning them and running off to Africa for 5 weeks being a bad thing, but I think that was implied.

In the afternoon we went to a village called Magholokoeng, where Freedom have started an initiative called “The Good News Project”. I helped in the Sunday School, teaching kids about how God made them, how they are all special and different. It was good. In the main tent, they showed “The Passion”, for all the adults. You rang me, just as I was moving a petrol generator back to the storage hut.

On the way back, it rained like a beast – the road we went along was under a foot of water, and that was before the heavy rains started. Slightly ridiculous, we were moving along the motorway at 40, unable to see. Combined with the fact that the car I was in didn’t have any seatbelts, I was a little bit scared.

Then Mohau came round for curry, and was late again! This means in the last three days he has been nearly 9 hours late!

From my bible reading:

“Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech.”
Genesis 11:7
Why did God do that? I thought He loved unity?

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