Photo Thirty – Quadruple your money’s worth

All these pictures are pretty hi res, so click on them to see a bigger one Can you see the baboons on the rocks in this one. They look far away, but at points they were only about 50 metres away. Pretty scary, but luckily I had a stick!

If I’m honest, I was pretty happy to be taking this photo, and not standing on a 20 foot rock on the edge of a cliff in a strong wind.

Day 7 – So who’s in charge?

So, to fill you in on how things are here; the church I am visiting split. Its always difficult to point a finger, I just know I will miss the Pastor Matthew; who I deeply respect. Its caused a lot of pain and bitterness, but a new church has been formed from many of the friends I made previously. Its pretty small.

The way its really impacting me is that Edwin, the brother-in-law of the pastor, and CEO of Tshwaranang has left Harrismith. Various reasons, but I think the loss of his spiritual church home was a big one.