Ladies, feet washing and goodbye curry

Mary Hopper delivered a talk that usually marks part of a 30 hour course over 6 weeks. In 55 minutes.

Your race is a constant.
Your culture constantly changes.

She recommended reading a book called “Desert Flower”, by Waris Dirie.

She mentioned that simple things like Dermatology books rarely have pigmented skin, making medicine itself culturally inaccessible, but then Marli emailed me an African Skin Guide, which is not added to my ridiculous pile of things I need to read…

On our way to Africa

So, tonight we fly to South Africa for a month serving with our friends in Harrismith. We have a colossal amount of baggage, more than enough to live indefinitely in international waters.

I write this from Heathrow airport, with a grumpy Joen perched on my lap. He and Katherine are participating in a frequently repeated battle over our desire to provide him with nourishment.

Final final final final finals…

As you may have realised, I failed my medical finals last month, and thus my exciting summer web design to do list has dramatically altered. In fact, more than altered, I would say it’s been devastated. What once was a bright, shining list of potential future achievements has now become: Don’t do any fun stuff any more. Revise.

Since it is easy to spend a month revising without covering anything important, I have made a revision timetable, which I am sticking to (I hope). My resit exams are on the 21st and 26th June, so prayer is appreciated, as are gentle/unsolicited reminders to knuckle down and get on with it (thanks Lois!).

New housemates

We have a new housemate. She is called Pudding. And she’s an 8 month old lab/collie cross. On the right is a picture of her with the chickens.

We are also (potentially) getting a new housemate. Not going to say what she is called, but she is moving in for a week as a trial run.

Day Thirty Four – Prayer and Inefficiency

As you are hearing, I had a bad week, this week. Today we had a meeting with a woman from the Health Department. We wanted to say to her; if you could have money in any area what would it be. This was so that we could prepare a proposal that addresses the areas that need work in our district.

We did ask her that question. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen. After 20 minutes of her telling us that the Health Department will never give us money to employ staff, despite the fact that we just had a briefing meeting with them, where they explained what they want to do is give us money to employ staff. And she just wouldn’t listen.

Day Thirty Two – I hate Monday

Monday blues lasted well throughout the day. Not enough work was done by any of us, nothing seemed to be working well. Despite being at work for many hours,

The best part happened when I got one of your presents, but unfortunately, I can’t tell you about that until I get back. I can talk about the drive there though – it was out in Vilgepark, which is a suburb just off the edge of Harrismith – where me and Mohau go to play pool.