Final final final final finals…

As you may have realised, I failed my medical finals last month, and thus my exciting summer web design to do list has dramatically altered. In fact, more than altered, I would say it’s been devastated. What once was a bright, shining list of potential future achievements has now become:

  • Don’t do any fun stuff any more.
  • Revise.

Since it is easy to spend a month revising without covering anything important, I have made a revision timetable, which I am sticking to (I hope). My resit exams are on the 21st and 26th June, so prayer is appreciated, as are gentle/unsolicited reminders to knuckle down and get on with it (thanks Lois!).

The timetable is below:

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6 thoughts on “Final final final final finals…

  1. I know Lois. I appreciate it. Thanks for the prayer, has been a bad week – our fridge has started making a horrible noise, microwave broke and washing machine just leaked all over the floor. Plus I am stuck trying to organise a professional meeting at the medschool and its all just a pain. Oh yeh, and revision hehe.

  2. Get someone else to organise the meeting – I nominate Dr Chowdhury. Do without the microwave. Unless the fridge stops working put up with the noise. Not sure about the washing machine – could go round to a friends?? In all, nothing else matters except the revision, you have to give it your best shot. xxx

  3. HAHAHA nice one Rajin. I'm not too downhearted, just a little frustrating. I probably don't trust Raj to make the appointment. We've discovered microwave is under warranty, as is fridge, and I don't know how to use the washing machine anyway, so it doesn't affect me too much hehe. It'll all be fine

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