Religion vs Jesus (video)

I don’t pretend to have all the answers to Christianity, but I often find church a distraction, Christians a frustration, and – more importantly – antithetical to many of Jesus’ statements. This video makes that point fairly admirably.

Also, from a purely aesthetic perspective, there is some beautiful flow and rhyme in this, with great visuals, and a subtle but supportive typographical underlay. If that’s your sort of thing…

Lifelong bliss at 220kb/s

After 18 months living with us, our lovely housemate Victor just got married( to the even lovelier Rachel). I really wanted to help out for the big day, and thus ended up making their website –

Much more excitingly, I also got another key role: Rachel is American, and many of her relatives couldn’t make it over – so there was a live webcam of the event. Much fun was had, sorting out the two seperate PA systems, and persuading them to run through my PC, but in the end we managed it.