Lifelong bliss at 220kb/s

After 18 months living with us, our lovely housemate Victor just got married( to the even lovelier Rachel). I really wanted to help out for the big day, and thus ended up making their website –

Much more excitingly, I also got another key role: Rachel is American, and many of her relatives couldn’t make it over – so there was a live webcam of the event. Much fun was had, sorting out the two seperate PA systems, and persuading them to run through my PC, but in the end we managed it.

I used the free service at, using a Microsoft webcam and an Alesis USB soundcard to take in the feed from the PAs. I ran it all as a FMLE stream through Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, since I found it had the best settings for finetuning video and audio quality. If you ever plan to do a live webcam of a wedding or similar event, I would thoroughly recommend a live check before the big day. You also want an upload speed of at least 200kb/s, ideally 500kb/s+. We had 220, which was just about enough, although you can see the video is pretty mega compressed, with lofi mono sound.

Watch the recording for yourself below!

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