Lifelong bliss at 220kb/s

After 18 months living with us, our lovely housemate Victor just got married( to the even lovelier Rachel). I really wanted to help out for the big day, and thus ended up making their website –

Much more excitingly, I also got another key role: Rachel is American, and many of her relatives couldn’t make it over – so there was a live webcam of the event. Much fun was had, sorting out the two seperate PA systems, and persuading them to run through my PC, but in the end we managed it.

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Obviously it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted on here. I set this up as a brief diary of my last trip to Africa, for my girlfriend to read whilst I was there. She is now my wife, and I’ve been back for about 10 months, and frankly, I could just tell her how it was face to face now.

I have many other project, including this medical revision website, and this web design and web hosting website. I am also a member, with my wife, of a Christian community in Sheffield, UK. Check our community page at Community of Communities, or read our new blog on blogspot.