Safety first

Think about all the documents, photos and other computer vitals you would lose if your hard drive died now. Wouldn’t that be a massive, massive pain in the bum?

Backup using Syncrify

In honour of World Backup Day, I am running a backup on my desktop – it’s been far too long – using my purpose built home file server and a sexy little program called “Syncrify“.

At some point, I hope to actually finish the tutorial I’ve written on setting up a home backup server. For now though, read Part One which details building the machine itself.

Until then, I thoroughly recommend you backup your own machine. Its easy to do, there’s many low tech options:

  • Copy your documents and images onto a portable hard drive.
  • Burn them onto a few DVDs.
  • Or, if they are less than 2Gig total, sign up to Dropbox, and put them there, accessible on all your computers.

Remember guys, it takes a few minutes each week/month/year (if you are as useless as me), but can save a world of heartache!

4 thoughts on “Safety first

    1. I didn’t dare look at how long it had been since my last one.

      My incremental backup has been running for 3 hours now and is at 73%. It takes 3 minutes when there have been no changes. I guess its been a while…

  1. And now its been nearly 24 hours and its still on 96%. Might cancel it soon, and restart. It should skip all the stuff it did before…

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