Steve Burmester, about to preach CMF Conference: Day Two

After a night spent weeing the remnants of my chocomilk binge last night, I got up in time for the 8am prayer meeting in the chapel. Still bleary eyed, I followed this with a painfully substantial breakfast, which, although lacking in vegetarian sausages, made up for it in sheer volume. 

We also got to meet the CMF Junior Doctors Committee, and had Vicky Lavy nagging us once again to grab a wheelbarrow, and buy as many books as physically possible from the CMF bookstall…

Final final final final finals…

As you may have realised, I failed my medical finals last month, and thus my exciting summer web design to do list has dramatically altered. In fact, more than altered, I would say it’s been devastated. What once was a bright, shining list of potential future achievements has now become: Don’t do any fun stuff any more. Revise.

Since it is easy to spend a month revising without covering anything important, I have made a revision timetable, which I am sticking to (I hope). My resit exams are on the 21st and 26th June, so prayer is appreciated, as are gentle/unsolicited reminders to knuckle down and get on with it (thanks Lois!).

Many many plans

So, I have finished my exams. And that leaves me a few short weeks to tackle a variety of projects. Taking inspiration from Lifehacker, I am making a list on here of stuff I am aiming to achieve. Get healthy: The next 7 weeks, my first hour of each day is exercise. Keep me accountable on this one please! A new YesIts.Us website: The Lowry Family homepage, in full technicolor. Need to update this, and create a blog for my darling wife. Install Windows 7 on my PC: I only bought it 5 months ago, and already I feel I should probably install it! Make A wedding site for my housemate. Do some more work on Cutting Edge: my large corporate project has been put on hold, but that’s no excuse not to do anything on it. Finish Let’s get the Crookes homepage up and running for everyone! A new Everyone’s favourite charity, soon getting a new website. Design by committee – the best way! Get my server set up: It’s working fine, but its time to get that software running properly, with regular backups, and every PC in the house being served! Redesign This site is no longer an active portal, so let’s make it a little more fresh and helpful! Start a peer reviewed journal: Coming soon – The Online Journal of Medicine (also known as OnJoM). Get tagging: Put post tags on every post on my