Viva España!

This is my final post from the Canaries, since we are getting the plane home in a couple of hours. For now, I will briefly tell you about our experience of the world cup final.

Anyway, on Sunday we were invited by some friends to go to a locals’ Canarian bar to watch the match. We arrived, and were immediately decorated with red and yellow facepaint, and greeted with cheers of “Viva España!” One chap had an old car horn that made a vuvuzela sound like a penny whistle – it was loud, irritating and wonderful.

Day Three – The Last Night in England

I went to the Black Lion tonight. There were many hours of reminiscing, and me and Olivier didn’t leave until after midnight. My last ever evening with the spiritual landlord of the Black Lion – Richard. I’m sad about the loss of another stalwart of my late teens, but what can one do?

Packing is now the order of the day. Please text me anything I might have forgotten.