Picture of me, holding a sign saying "I am Judas" Being Judas

This Easter I’ve been acting in the St Tim’s Passion Play. For those of you not familiar with the concept, it’s a reenactment of the biblical account of Jesus living, dying and resurrecting.

I was cast as Judas. This, of course, was treated with a great deal of humour from, well, everyone who knows me. There were cries of “type-casting!”, and I rather enjoyed pointing out that last time I was in a passion play, my role was “Second Demon”, so this was a promotion, of sorts.

Day Three – The Last Night in England

I went to the Black Lion tonight. There were many hours of reminiscing, and me and Olivier didn’t leave until after midnight. My last ever evening with the spiritual landlord of the Black Lion – Richard. I’m sad about the loss of another stalwart of my late teens, but what can one do?

Packing is now the order of the day. Please text me anything I might have forgotten.