Firefox 4; an aborted review

The following brief post is about web browsers. If that’s not your thing, maybe go look at this beautiful photograph instead of reading on.

Just geeks left? Cool. I reluctantly jumped the Firefox train a year or so back, because Google Chrome has a faster javascript engine. That’s all really, but it is a lot faster at almost everything, and that makes a difference if you use the internet for stuff other than waiting for pages to load.

Error reporting not reporting error

Yes, the title of this post is a palindrome, as a metaphor for the backwards and forwards nature of the problem I’m experiencing. You see, my computer has BSODed about once a fortnight for the last few months. That’s a Blue Screen of Death, for those of you not geek enough – its where your computer displays an error message, then turns itself off.

Now, I’m used to this – since almost every single computer I have ever owned has crashed on occasion: Windows, Linux, Mac (Yes, Macs crash too!), Android, Palm OS, EPOC, SIBO…

Lifelong bliss at 220kb/s

After 18 months living with us, our lovely housemate Victor just got married( to the even lovelier Rachel). I really wanted to help out for the big day, and thus ended up making their website –

Much more excitingly, I also got another key role: Rachel is American, and many of her relatives couldn’t make it over – so there was a live webcam of the event. Much fun was had, sorting out the two seperate PA systems, and persuading them to run through my PC, but in the end we managed it.

Fixing file previews

If, like me, you have Windows 7 (or Vista) 64 bit installed, you may have noticed an annoying glitch – whilst the file previews are much better than they ever were in XP, they can’t quite manage PDFs. You get a funky message in fact:

This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer: PDF Preview Handler for Vista To open this file in its own program, double-click it.

Farewell to XP with Comic Style

Short post today – I have just bought a new HP EliteBook 6930p laptop, and am thus in the process of upgrading, transferring and sorting my old HP Compaq nc6400.

Since I have a final day or so to spend with my old and faithful machine, and since my new laptop is running Windows 7, it is time for me to say goodbye to Windows XP. With my desktop also running 7, I now have no computers left on the 9 year old operating system.