Farewell to XP with Comic Style

Short post today – I have just bought a new HP EliteBook 6930p laptop, and am thus in the process of upgrading, transferring and sorting my old HP Compaq nc6400.

Since I have a final day or so to spend with my old and faithful machine, and since my new laptop is running Windows 7, it is time for me to say goodbye to Windows XP. With my desktop also running 7, I now have no computers left on the 9 year old operating system.

The best way I could think to celebrate was to turn the system font on my XP machine to Comic Sans. And following a comment from my friend Peter, I decided to give Apple a much needed makeover as well.

Behold, I give you One Infinite Comic Loop Sans:

(For those of you who don’t get this, 1 Infinite Loop is is the headquarters of Apple in America, and I have updated the sign and the logo to have a more rounded and friendly feeling, as befits the moment)

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