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From my post last week, I pointed out the many things I’m hoping to get done in the next few months. One tool I have found incredibly helpful for that is “Joe’s Goals”.

Joe’s Goals is an incredibly simple website that allows you set your goals, and fill in every day how well they are going.

In my case, I am able to keep track of stuff like exercising, blogging, work, eating, and many other things, and mildly incentivise myself – I’m much less likely to eat unhealthy food with a -3 point incentive!

Anyway, follow my current progress with the graph below, or get started yourself at

Chris's Personal Score Badge


This was going well, and then I failed my finals. Meaning that I didn’t exactly have much time for all my projects, exercise and everything else. You can see what I’ve been up to with the new pages being created on

2 thoughts on “Setting goals

  1. Chris,
    How was the failure celebration meal? I guess you found the Joe’s Goal a little late in your semester? I do have some small piece of good news. I have a medical retailer interested in your website.

    This client, JRS Medical, is open to small 125×125 banner ads, informative guest posts, advertorials, tutorials, simple listing in your navigation, or even having you post a product review (for a small fee if needed) of some of their products.

    Let me know what options exist and if interested. We are also open to any other ideas you may have that work within your framework. Look forward to hearing back from you.


    1. Hey David,

      I sent an email to you from my chris (at) email, but didn’t get a reply.

      How can I get in contact?


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