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If, like me, you have Windows 7 (or Vista) 64 bit installed, you may have noticed an annoying glitch – whilst the file previews are much better than they ever were in XP, they can’t quite manage PDFs. You get a funky message in fact:

This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer:
PDF Preview Handler for Vista
To open this file in its own program, double-click it.

For the last 6 months, I’ve just kind of ignored this. But I finally got annoyed enough with it to try and find a solution. As with most of these things, 3 seconds on google found me the answer.

  1. Go to this website.
  2. Download the patch.
  3. Run it.

Sorted. It will update your registry to make thumbnails and previews work, making your life at least 3% better.

9 thoughts on “Fixing file previews

  1. Windows 7 canes XP. If you have a modern PC, its much better able to use technology like multicore, hyperthreading and, since its more likely to be 64-bit, you can have more than 3Gb Ram. I would say 7 on my desktop is nearly twice as snappy as Xp.

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