The iPad 2 Nick’s iPad Review

Steve Jobs said, at the announcement of the iPad in January 2010, that it is only possible to make a successful new market by being “far better at some things” than neighbouring markets.

My experiences with the iPad 2 show an amazing, innovative, well thought out product. For people who buy coffee table books, or only browse the web at a very basic “let’s check facebook” level, it’s pretty ace.

Gift Appraisal

Christmas is a time where the phrase “It is more blessed to give than to receive” works rather well. Admit it – you absolutely cannot wait for your giftee to open that present. You’re on the edge of your seat, almost wanting them to open it before Christmas, just to get the tension out. They crinkle the wrapping paper, start to tear it open, and the whole experience is palpably enjoyable. If you have any children or little nieces and nephews, you can bring them joy thanks to gifts like that sunny saide childrens playhouse for sale.

And then you open your own gifts, and all you got is socks and a book on koala conservation. I think maybe its the thrill of the hunt, more than the feeling of just getting more stuff. Anyway, I’m going to talk about my favourite Christmas presents now; both the ones I gave and recieved:

Firefox 4; an aborted review

The following brief post is about web browsers. If that’s not your thing, maybe go look at this beautiful photograph instead of reading on.

Just geeks left? Cool. I reluctantly jumped the Firefox train a year or so back, because Google Chrome has a faster javascript engine. That’s all really, but it is a lot faster at almost everything, and that makes a difference if you use the internet for stuff other than waiting for pages to load.

Cats in your sink

Me and the missus are planning on going on holiday. Looking at reviews, and found this one:

It’s a very nice hotel. What more do you want? If you hear a bad review it’s from people who expect a 3 star hotel to be a 5 star. Yes, there is alot of cats but they are harmless keep ur windows shut at night and you wont find one in your sink. Trust me… The cats don’t touch you. Do not feed them or they will come back with more cats … You should stay here it’s very nice!!!