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For years now, I’ve had a real passion about Africa, and, also for years, I’ve been in training as a doctor. They are passions that have grown together, and my excitement about them overlaps.

I’ve also been a fringe member of CMF – the Christian Medical Fellowship – since my first year in medical school, and recently I discovered that they run an annual course entitled “Developing Health“. It seemed too good to pass on, so this summer I managed to corral the required annual and study leave, and am attending.

I blogged about the course each day, and have each below as a record of the course. If you want to learn some bits and pieces about developing world medicine, the stuff I learnt on this course was solid gold!

Day One: Community Health
Day Two: Medicine
Day Three: Tropical Medicine
Day Four: HIV/AIDS
Day Five: Paediatrics
Day Six: Aspects of Mission Work 
Day Seven: Surgery
Day Eight: Trauma & Orthopaedics
Day Nine: Women’s Health
Day Ten: More Women’s Health
Day Eleven: Conclusion 

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