homeland Homeland – a poem

I couldn’t sleep last night, and found myself (foolishly) doomscrolling. Something Shane Claiborne posted niggled at my soul:

Our faith is not just a ticket in to heaven and a license to ignore the world we live in. We have promised people life after death, when many people are asking if there is life before death. This is not just about going to heaven when we die. It’s about bringing heaven to earth.

Why aren't people taking Covid seriously? Taking Covid Seriously – As a GP? People just aren’t taking Covid seriously…

It’s December 29th today. I’ve spent the entire Christmas period working as a doctor. I was on call overnight every day as an Out Of Hours GP, I saw patients face-to-face in night time emergency appointments, and I worked as a normal GP either side of the weekend.

Unmistakeably, over the last week, I’ve seen that people are not taking Covid seriously.