Generating problems: Couch to 80k – Week 1 Day 3

This year I am working through Tim Clare’s Couch to 80K Bootcamp– a course where you write for 10 minutes a day.

By following Tim’s prompting, the aim is to work through from basics until you reach the ability to write an 80,000 word novel.

Apologies: it may not actually be that interesting to read…

Generate some problems

Running away from the ever-so-slightly faster bully at school.

Finding the right sized spanner to adjust the engine torque on the racer. That Kreb racer you just boosted.

Pouring the right amount of sand into the trap to allow your friend to climb free. Enough to climb out, not enough to suffocate.

Choosing the correct opening sentence for your whistleblowing letter.

Three cave entrances. Three possibilities. Two lead to certain death, the other? Escape.

Gasping, reaching, your lungs burning, to turn on the emergency oxygen supply.

The fire roars, in between myself and Agron. Do I try to jump it, or should we escape separately.

“Priority Call” flashes on the display, before being replaced with a red flashing “Low Battery”. Do you answer?

As I turn it once more, the screw starts to bite. Two more twists. It’s hard to get it in any further. Seems solid. But is it strong enough to support a grown man’s weight?

Hands shaking, she reached for the syringe. She hated it and wanted it, in one furious mix of emotion.

Have you ever pushed a car? Like, really pushed it? For miles and miles and miles? I considered just leaving it by the side of the road, but what if someone found the body in the boot…

It hurt, every time she dug the spade in again. There was this area of her hip that was sore from the unfamiliar labour. But how else would they reach the hidden door?


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