Interesting descriptions: Couch to 80K – Week 1 Day 4

This year I am working through Tim Clare’s Couch to 80K Bootcamp– a course where you write for 10 minutes a day.

By following Tim’s prompting, the aim is to work through from basics until you reach the ability to write an 80,000 word novel.

Apologies: it may not actually be that interesting to read…

Make a list of interesting descriptions

His eyes were narrowed, like the business end of a knife.

A blazer, faded from the sunlight of too many summers.

Grime, deeply embedded. Not simply dirt, but the change in colour to skin once the dirt is absorbed. Part of you.

Attached by a string so flimsy, it was surprising the wind didn’t take her hat away with every breeze.

Shiny buttons, shiny enough to show fingerprints, all down his chest.

Her every movement sullen. Resentful. An anger towards each moment that had brought her into this situation, painted on her face.

Its legs twitched, the wolf running in its dreams.

The screen had a hairline crack, running from the bottom right corner to the middle of the display.

His hobbling gait gave the impression of one leg shorter than the other, which was exactly the impression he was aiming for.

To those that knew her, the slight curling of her lip betrayed an irritation she was struggling to conceal.

The trousers were irregular and patchy. No wonder – Calvin Klein still doesn’t make clothing for 3 legged aliens, even though first contact was nearly a decade ago.

It landed silently, legs coiled ready to leap again.




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