homeland Homeland – a poem

I couldn’t sleep last night, and found myself (foolishly) doomscrolling. Something Shane Claiborne posted niggled at my soul:

Our faith is not just a ticket in to heaven and a license to ignore the world we live in. We have promised people life after death, when many people are asking if there is life before death. This is not just about going to heaven when we die. It’s about bringing heaven to earth.

You Have No Authority Here! RPG

This is a role play game about Parish Council meetings. It’s for 3-10 people who pretend to respect one another.

Together, you are the members of Little Ranting Parish Council – a hotbed of passive aggressive argumentation, and petty discrimination. You will play round a table or via video chat. The meeting is about to start, but before it can, you need to decide who will Chair it! Who would be brave enough to try… and do they have enough AUTHORITY?!