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Inspired by a post by author Gareth L. Powell, I thought I’d share a photo of my desk. Then, after I’d written most of this, I felt a sense of deja vu.

It turns out I wrote a similar article, over ten years ago – called My Office, appropriately enough. That makes me pretty old.

It’s not actually where I write that often. “Where I write” is more fairly represented by the photo below – any random cafe, with headphones and a laptop!

But given that I’ve shown you my desk, here’s a numbered explanation:

  1. desk labelledA Kindle. Standard. I’m easily distracted from actually doing writing by reading other people’s. That’s as it should be, I reckon.
  2. Remote control for my Amplifier. The upgrade from an amp without a remote to one with one was life changing.
  3. Post-Its. Always useful, always forget I have them and use printer paper instead.
  4. Triple monitors. Still using my PC from 2015, but now with triple U2415 monitors
  5. Map of Warrington. I love maps, I have about 15 OS maps too. Inspirational when thinking about setting.
  6. Speakers! Can’t work without music playing constantly. Listening to The Horace Silver Quintet right now.
  7. Typing Window. I generally write directly into this blog in the wordpress editor, or onto Google Docs. I find a good nature background helpful. This was a tree photo I took at Erddig Hall.
  8. Half empty mug. There’s always a tea, coffee or squash on the go.
  9. Separate Numpad. Means the mouse is right next to you, rather than an extra 3 inches over. Great RSI trick for you there. The keyboard came with a rubbish one that worked intermittently and ate up about 10 watch batteries a year. This was an ebay special that runs on rechargeable triple As… and has the backspace in a slightly annoying position.
  10. Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. Ergonomic, cheap, comfortable. Lasts forever on rechargeable triple As.
  11. Mastermouse MM710 Mouse. Never considered a mouse upgrade? Try an ultralight one like this, you’ll never go back!
  12. Empty glasses and mugs. There’s usually about 5. I literally cleaned my desk for this photo, and still there was one. If you need any help when it comes to cleaning your house or workspace, you can trust well-known professionals like tucson maids.
  13. Pile of books, films, CDs, paperwork. The never ending to-do pile.

Thanks for the inspiration Gareth!

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