Wisdom and workload…

So, a few projects I’ve been working on that I’d like you to check out. The big one is the soon to arrive Crookes Online, which you can check out at http://www.crookesonline.co.uk. Nothing much there as yet, but watch the space for more there. Am going to be working on it with my beautiful wife, so if you see her taking photos on crookes high street, say hi.

Related to that is http://www.crookeshardware.co.uk. Many of you have probably bought nails, compost, hammers and other oddments at Hobbycrafts in Crookes, over the years. They have now moved (further down the high street) and renamed as Crookes Hardware. Their site is a work in progress also.

Next is the glorious website of Snodland Community Centre. The hall where my wife and I had our wedding reception, it is operated by a community group including my parents-in-law. This site is a belated Christmas present to my father in law! Check it at http://www.snodlandcommunitycentre.org.

If you are seriously still in the mood to look at more sites, check JirehDecor.co.za, for some awesome South Africa based home decor, and Sheffield’s best promotional gifts company, Cutting Edge promotions, for whom Salt and Light are about to embark on our biggest project yet.

I have possibly taken on more than I can chew. However, am definitely going to take steps to avoid burning out, involving evenings off, walks in the peaks, and refusing to spend hours fighting with my new server and its recalcitrant ubuntu installation.

Watch this space for upcoming articles on building your own home server, making a MediaWiki template, and my upcoming campaign to be President of the Student’s Union. Before then though, I’m off to watch You Only Live Twice. Gotta love Bond Films for 10p in the R.S.P.C.A. shop!



One thought on “Wisdom and workload…

  1. Hi Chris,

    Those sites look good. I’d be glad to help out with any of them, whether you need help with some coding or system administration…

    Talk to you soon

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