Thoughts at New Years

At 10:30 on New Years Eve 2010, I was washing up. We had family round, and there were plates, and cups and bowls and spoons and tins and… lots to wash up. So I was in my little kitchen, in my little soapy zen zone, listening to the awesome New Years Eve mix on 6 Music.

I started thinking about how, actually, I was quite enjoying myself. This led to my first Resolution:

1. Spend more time with friends and family this year.

Then I realised that I was having way more fun than I do at work. That I would rather spend 40 hours a week washing up and listening to club classic interspersed with punk epics, than spend it caring for people as a doctor.

In reality, I can’t do this, and more importantly, I shouldn’t want to do this. Hence my second Resolution:

2. Start enjoying my job more.

And then I realised that I was on my laptop at 10:50 writing a blog post, feeling a bit low about life and careers and, the ultimate question – how to clean custard off a frying pan – when I should be next door beating my mother-in-law at Wii Mario Kart. Hence my third and final:

3. Stop complaining so much.

I’m off to enjoy the next year. Please invite yourself round to dinner if you haven’t seen me about, asking me about the world of Medicine, and tell me off if I complain!

Love you all!

PS. A brief glimpse of my soapy haven below…

A soapy haven from real life

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