Wireframe me up

Just found an fun new webapp called Wirify. Basically, you save it to your bookmarks, load a page you would like to see in wireframe, and click the link. It then gives you a wireframed version of your site.

Sadly, it doesn’t get it quite right for most of my sites. It’s based on jquery, so there are a few issues in how it sees components placed. For example, http://allaboutchris.co.uk:

Still, its an excellent tool for getting a quick idea, and you can always copy it into Fireworks and add the missing bits. Here’s http://saltandlightsolutions.com:

Wireframe of Salt and Light Solutions

So there you go. Wireframes made easy. Check out wirify at Volkside.com/2010/12/introducing-wirify-the-web-as-wireframes/.

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