All new and shiny

Blog screenshotNow Christmas is officially over, and since it is a New Year and all, I felt it was appropriate to rejig my blog. So, for your comfort and pleasure, notice several new additions…

New Theme

Based on the free Koi theme, from themify, with some fairly heavy alternations – new header anyone? I hope you like seeing my name burning up, if you want, you can learn how to do it yourself


Finally, an about page on a website about me. Pretty poor that the blog hasn’t had one for a year (although there is one on the front page). Expect, at some point, a slightly longer autobiographical post added on.


Again, poor this hasn’t been here for so long. Find out about the many tangents I fall into, vaguely sorted into some kind of categories.

Adverts & Sponsors

You may notice a couple of adverts on the right hand side. I have a family to support: two dogs and a baby are not going to feed themselves. Please visit any of these sites that interest you, and you have a site you wish to promote, you may want to check out the sponsors page.


No longer do you have to leave a comment, hoping I’ll read it. Chuck me an email through the contact page – or just message @bigonroad on twitter!

Feedback appreciated, tell me what you love/hate in the comments…

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