Have a break, or a (work)rave!

About A screenshot of the Workrave program working.4 months ago, I started getting weird forearm pains in my arms. It seemed to happen worse when using a computer, or just generally resting my arms on a hard table. Anyone ever get interesting muscle aches when using the computer for long periods?

After a bit of reading, it appears I probably have RSI. That is, Repetitive Strain Injury.

Anyway, I have found an awesome program, available for Windows and Linux, called Workrave. (Sorry mac users, but I’m sure your computers are *way* too ergonomic to ever give you RSI. If they do, you could use AntiRSI.)

What these programs do is run a constant timer, and every 10 minutes or so, give you a “microbreak” that stops you from working for 30 seconds, and every hour make you take a longer break. They also show exercises to do during your breaks.

This allows your muscles to rest and prevents the RSI getting worse. Check out Workrave at http://www.workrave.org.

3 thoughts on “Have a break, or a (work)rave!

  1. Used to use workrave but then started ignoring it! If the pain is in the arm you use a mouse with, try using it with the other arm or consider a trackball.

    1. That is the problem – very tempting just to click to ignore it. I do a lot of design, so I kind of need to use my right arm, and I’m not sure a trackball would help too much. Weirdly I get the pain in both arms interchangeably.
      Do you still get bad RSI?

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