Did Jesus own a puppy?

Found this amusing debate on why Dogs are better than Cats. An excerpt is below:Jesus holding a puppy (badly photoshopped in over a lamb).

Cat owner’s = evil, Dog owners = good:
Some well known cat owners include Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, Mike Tyson and Martha Stewart. See, cat owners are B@STARDS!!! Well known dog owners? None other than Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, and even Jesus! Yes, even Jesus, son of God. How can you not like dogs better than cats when Jesus had one? What are you, SOME KIND OF HEATHEN!?!

Not really sure where they get the Jesus thing from, but I really hope its true, and have made the image on the right to try and get a visual on it.

Read the full article at (the slightly worryingly named) rightwingnews.com.

I’ll leave you with another quote:

In short, cat owners are obviously insane shut-ins who are so desperate for any contact with a living creature that they even find cats amusing. They are totally unlike dog owners who are outgoing, active people, such as Britney Spears, Tae-Bo expert Billy Blanks, and famous rock musician and hunter Ted Nugent.

These people are out in the world, hunting, walking their dogs in the park, making music videos, and meeting people as compared to cat owners who are trying to find the best type of tape to use of get cat hair off of their sweaters.

19 thoughts on “Did Jesus own a puppy?

  1. lol. i dont think Jesus would have had time for a dog. you dont really hear of people having them back then… but I hope there is a dog sitting at his feet (scrambling up onto his lap and licking his beard!) in ‘heaven!’

  2. Jesus would have owned a dog and that dog would have been loyal to the end. I am sure he would have sat with him the Garden and he would not have betrayed him. Dogs are loyal. They would die for their owners.

    Cats are great – but there are independent.

    1. Thanks for that Frank. You might notice the whole post is a quote from a news source I describe as “slightly worryingly named”. This, combined with the clearly spurious content, is a clue that I think the article is ridiculous – so ridiculous in fact, that I shared it for its comedy value. Did Mother Theresa have a dog? Did Jesus?! Exactly…

  3. Chris,
    Could I use your pic of Jesus and His dog as the cover to my knew Kindle book called “The Stories of Jesus and His Dog”

    I will give you credits for the pic including a link back to your website in the book.


  4. Dog lovers and their dogs stink…they eat [poo]..roll in rotted corpses and then want to lick you in the face. Cats have far surpassed as the favorite pet in US commanding over 60%…only ugly people have dogs

  5. Wow Debbie, I cannot believe that you actually said that dog owners are ugly…as a matter of fact, I have had both dogs and cats in my life – but my first dog, Fritz, saved my life when a pack of wild dogs attacked me when I was 2. The dog (I will leave the breed unnamed as it doesn’t matter) bit me on the side and would not let go. When Fritz attacked him he let go – and this was before the rest of the pack jumped me (luckily). They all then jumped on him. Sorry, but my cat would have watched the drama unfolding before him and licked his paw as it happened. I did not break into the fence, aggregate the dogs or in any way antagonize them. The only reason I am still alive today is because of Fritz. Honestly woman, what is wrong with you??? It is very much OK to prefer dogs or cats, depending on your opinion. It is NOT ok to judge them as disgusting animals. I wish I could get you in person and say mean things to you, I am so pissed. Have a nice life, and I sure hope you never need saving. Your cat won’t be able to pull you from a river when you are drowning.

    1. I can’t work out if this is spam. You seem pretty committed if it is spam, but at the same time, my name isn’t Debbie…

  6. We disscusses the implication of Jesus having a dog in my Christianity course as it pertained to the success of students on our test which ended with a picture of Jesus and an adorable puppy. We deduced that there is a counter correlative relationship between student success and time spent viewing Jesus with puppies. However students who actually met Jesus with puppies instead of rely viewing it were three times as likely to meet their wn definition of success on the test. Given these result do you think it is fair to assume Jesus meeting us with a puppy is a substantial dative to class? Or do you believe we were all on shrooms and that the visions we had of Jesus wth a puppy were merely figments of our own subconscious desire to have a loyal and trusting friend who would die for us indicating we all really really really hate cats?

  7. BAD treatment to cat owners is this. dogs are the same as cats for elderly people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you idiot!!!!!!!!!

  8. I believe Jesus was quite spiritual and showed a lot of empathy, he would of loved dogs and definitely felt connected to them. Most people who are quite charismatic usually love dogs, commonly trades men type, wasn’t Jesus a carpenter?

    1. It’s only a dog if the owner says it’s a dog. A dog can be a cat and vice versa. Seriously what century at you people from.

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