Batch resizing images tutorial

There are times when you will have a huge pile of images, each 2 or 3 mb, and you need to upload them to a website. They don’t need to be that size for most things – Facebook resizes images to , meaning your time uploading them is wasted, (as is your internet, if you pay for amount of useage).

The solution is to “batch process” them, meaning resize a whole load of them at once.

I use a program called, MyImageResizer, which you can download from its website, or just directly by clicking here. The program is dead easy to use. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Open MyImageResizer.
  2. Go to “Open”, and select all the images you want to resize. Do this by going to the folder you want in the “Open” dialog, then press Ctrl+A on the keyboard, then click “Open”.
  3. In “Target size”, type in a number, next to “maximum”. This is the maximum number of pixels you want each image to be in any direction. For facebook, for example, you would put “720”, as this is currently the maximum.
  4. Now press “convert”.
  5. Now in your folder you will have smaller versions of every single photo, renamed as image_originalphotoname.

Win? I think so!

For an example, the three images below are my photo A daffodil, resized to 500px, 300px and 100px.

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