The charges are dropped!

Fake newspaper article about Chris LowryHad some completely awesome news today, when I got called in for a meeting at the medical school.

They have decided that they are no longer worried about my professional behaviour, and think that I have “turned a corner”. I’m fairly amused about this since they made this decision about my improvement without any proof; they haven’t had a single assessment form handed in yet from any of my placements, and thus have no idea how I’ve been behaving.

This means I won’t have to have a fitness to practice hearing, and that my progress from being a lowly medical student to an actual doctor now only has one hurdle… the final exams.

However, it still feels pretty awesome to be free. Thanks to those of you who have given me support about this over the last 8 months (or just been forced to listen to me complaining about it).

Beware – don’t go anywhere near the hospitals in Sheffield for the next 10 years or so.

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