The Cutting Edge…

I started my morning devotion with starting to read through John 1. I was completely unsurprised to find that the word enlightened came up immediately, just like Ian’s talk from the first night, and bringing me back to that Ephesians 1 passage again: “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world”.

Following that, Hilary Edgcombe taught us about many cool intelligent things in the world of Anaesthetics.

Intra abdominal surgery Day Seven: Surgery

John Rennie and Colin Binks shared the next talks about surgical matters. They both apologised for the dwindling capacities of their ageing neurones, but assured us that with enough prompting they would be able to recall the more important arteries, etc.

“You must take your bible, your toothbrush, your anti-malarials and the Textbook of Primary Surgery. It’s brilliant, full of pictures, and perfect for those of you who are far more comfortable cutting sausages than cranial burr holes”.