I’ve set myself a few goals this year. No big massive resolutions, just a few incremental bits I’d like to do or change.

I’m going to use my blog to reflect on them. I may write something every week or just when something stands out for me – blogging regularly was not one of my plans for the year…


I’ve been working on a book. Finally.
Currently at 34,000 words and counting. I hope to use this site to showcase it a bit better.

Commitment 1: Write 2000 words a week.

Enough that I can nail it in a day if I want to, but also achievable in 15 minute chunks through the week. Also enough that I’ll write 100,000 words this year, which should be enough to finish it, surely!


I love listening to music, and have played guitar for many years.

For Christmas I got a Chromatic Harmonica from my lovely wife, an instrument I’ve dreamed of owning for years. It became clear to me that owning is not the same as knowing how to play it. Much the same as our piano. So…

Commitment 2: 30 minutes of Harmonica, and 30 minutes of Piano practice a week, if you still do not have a piano check out under $1000 best piano and start practicing at home.

You’ll see a similar theme emerging: I can sort this in one session, or tackle it at my leisure. Or not! No pressure.


Last year, I ran 1,000 miles. It was a great challenge, and I enjoyed it – the photo on the right was taken after my final run of 2018, during which I completed the challenge. This year, I fancied a change to something slightly less intense, but also flexing my fitness muscles in a different direction: cycling. 

Commitment 3: 5000 kilometres of cycling

This sounds like a lot. But its actually about 40 minutes cycling a day. Which I already do on days that I work anyway. We’ll see! Given that I also want to be a good example to my kids…

Commitment 4: 30 minutes cycling with the kids each week.

And finally, because I’m about as flexible as a piece of wood…

Commitment 5: 30 minutes Pilates per week.


I continue to aim to rise each morning, make a coffee, and read a few chapters of the Bible. I hope to finish working all the way through this year…

Commitment 6: Finish reading the entire Bible.


That’s all folks. Let’s see how it goes down…

3 thoughts on “2019

  1. Lots to do there mate. I would fail at many of those hurdles but you have capacity to do it all I’m sure. Please don’t get too good on keys and force me out of worship! Ha
    Bible is always good. Hope you’re read your first of 40 days !
    Bless you mate

  2. There’s a website called Write Or Die where it starts to negatively motivate you if your writing falls below a certain wpm. Might be useful

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