Episode Two: Hasty Embarcation

Enter Corral was an extremely short lived attempt at a podcast I made in 2016. I enjoyed the fun of putting it together, but lacked the organisation to do it more than… twice.

Enjoyed this? Try the first episode, and a short story based on the first episode

Welcome to the second (and final) episode of Enter Corral!

Join Mac, Drake, Virt and Roberta as they deal with the authorities chasing them for a crime they didn’t commit.

Although they have killed some people now, and they are trying to get onto a monorail without paying, and their papier-mâché skills are frankly criminal…

At one point, they talk about a map for the monorail station – you could view it in all its glory below… but I lost it. There’s a gate, a ticket office, a diner, a train, that’s about it, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

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