Baby, baby (and other paediatrics)

dhThese notes are about the CMF Developing Health Course 2014.

The focus of today is Paediatrics. I made notes on the whole course in 2012 – you can read about this day here.

Each day I’m just going to write about things that impacted me, and things I need to read later…

After all the fun of last night, it is no surprise that there was lively worship this morning. After two hours last night, and half an hour this morning, my fingers are tired of strumming!

Greeting from BotswanaNeonates in the Developing World

There were some big messages, and scary statistics.

No more shall there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not fill out his days, for the young man shall die a hundred years old
Isaiah 65:20

If you include stillborn babies, then 75% of deaths in under 5s are in neonates.

50% of neonatal deaths are in the first 24 hours. 75% are in the first week.


Nutrition is responsible for 30-50% of child deaths, and also leads to low birth weights due to maternal mortality.

Urgent referral for kids:

  1. Inability to drink or breastfeed
  2. Vomiting everything
  3. Convulsions
  4. Lethargy or unconsciousness

32% of children in developing countries have stunted growth due to malnutrition

Stuff to read, when I stop being useless…

  • On our CMF USB stick, there is a highly recommended Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children, which I shall read, when I sort myself out.
  • Unicef State of Child Health.
  • Lancet Global Health Series can be read free online.


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